Updates Incoming...

Obviously I've neglected my site while we were crunching away on Doom. It's way past due to update the site. Updates coming soon!

Doom E3 2015 - Teaser

Below is our official Doom E3 2015 teaser. Don't forget to tune in for:

Bethesda's E3 Showcase June 14th @ 7pm PST

to see the full reveal! You can watch it live here:

Doom Announcement Teaser

At E3 earlier this year we released the first official media related to the upcoming Doom game that I'm working on (a teaser video). Get hyped people! :)

For updates on DOOM, visit our official website and social media accounts:

Official Website -- www.doom.com
Facebook -- www.facebook.com/doom
Twitter -- www.twitter.com/doom