Heh, it's been over a year since I've touched the site. The Rage project page has finally been updated. 2011 was mostly defined by our work on Rage. I led the design efforts on the multiplayer components:

  • Road Rage
    • 4-player competitive multiplayer vehicular combat (online)
  • Legends of the Wasteland
    • 2-player cooperative missions (online & splitscreen)

I'm currently back on Doom 4 multiplayer and things are getting very exciting. ;)


Rage HD now available for iPhone and iPad




Quakecon 2010

Quakecon 2010 was last weekend here in Dallas, TX and it was a blast! Rage got a release date (9/13/2011 in the U.S.) and John Carmack revealed an impressive demo of Rage running on the iphone/ipad (see video below). Lots of other Quakecon news can be found here.