Project Natal: The Future of Virtual Sport and Fitness

This past June at the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3), Microsoft announced their newest Xbox 360 gaming peripheral called ‘Project Natal’. Project Natal is a sensor bar that connects to your Xbox 360 offering a controller-free gaming and entertainment experience. This device is capable of sophisticated motion tracking, voice recognition, image scanning, facial recognition, and full 3D human skeletal motion capture (i.e. it can recognize each limb’s movement independently and process them in real-time). When it comes to virtual fitness - the Wii Fit was an excellent start. However, Project Natal appears to alleviate many of the limitations found in Wii Fit while offering virtual opportunities only limited by our own imaginations. Virtual sport will never replace real organized sports, but for those with hectic schedules and/or limited space, equipment, and opportunities – Project Natal may provide a welcome fitness alternative.

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Hello World!

So after a few weeks of organizing content and a crash course in CSS & JScript - my website is now live and exposed to the wild of the internet.

Although the site is fully functional now, website tasks still on my to do list are:

  • Integrate social media links/accounts (facebook, linkedin, twitter, etc.)
  • Add older photo galleries (ongoing long-term project)
  • Add game design section (examples of work, etc.)
  • Refine final site style guide; fonts, colors, etc.

Enjoy your stay, I hope you find something of interest! If you have any feedback about anything on the website, please let me know. You can either comment on this post, or email me at:


My new website (under construction)

Welcome to my new website! Researching on the nets pointed me to SquareSpace as a good website/blog service provider. I was still unsure about an all-inclusive website builder & host, but I noticed some nice example sites which pretty much sealed the deal for me (at least to try it). Thus, I am embarking on my 14 day free trial at SquareSpace!

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